Yin Yoga

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Cornelia King

(Bikram, Ashtanga (primary standing series) Vinyasa, Yin yoga, Holistic therapeutic yoga)

After many years of attending yoga classes and having an inquisitive mind with an interest in philosophy, I decided to enrol for a yoga teacher’s training course to deepen my understanding and practice.


I completed my comprehensive 200-hour RYS (Bikram, Ashtanga (primary standing series) and Vinyasa) in January 2018, a 50-hour Yin YTT in July 2018 and in April 2019 a 100-hour YACEP accredited teacher training course in meditation in India. In October 2019 I completed a 100-hour training course in Holistic Yoga (accredited by YACEP) which dealt with all aspects of therapeutic yoga. I am registered with The Yoga Teachers Fellowship of SA.


My interest lies mainly in perfect alignment for each individual body, and a meditative, transformational Yin yoga practice. This practice is sometimes called the ‘fountain of youth’. As we grow older, our bodies lose flexibility, tension increases, circulation is inhibited, and tissues begin to atrophy and deteriorate.


Yin yoga can greatly help reverse this decline, thereby slowing down the ageing process. In Yin yoga, we activate our deeper connective tissues through long, deep stretching. This, in turn, sets into motion a chain of events in which the body begins to heal the collagen and elastin fibres of the connective tissues, making them stronger and more durable. The healing thereby induced also acts positively on our joints and even our bones, helping us to cultivate overall flexibility and adaptability within all aspects of our lives.

In a busy world that is geared towards constantly doing, competing and achieving, Yin yoga provides the perfect antidote. The simplicity we find in the stillness and silence of this practice may just be the most potent of all medicines for our modern busy lives.


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