We strive to lead you on the path to a healthier you, with Longevity being the final goal!

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Pilates Unlimited has been in the industry since 2001. We have an extended client base that has travelled this journey with us since the very start.

We are grateful to say that many of our clients have come with us from the 1st day we opened in October 2001.

Our company has over 180 000 hours of experience in client-specific training. Our main objective is to ensure results that are based on YOUR goals as well as the goals that we have for you. Pilates Unlimited has a unique approach as we incorporate a technique called Kinetic Precision which was founded by our company in 2012. In order to accredit this work, we ran extensive tests at the University of Pretoria. The results obtained through this study proved that the technique used by Pilates Unlimited is like no other worldwide. We have members worldwide due to our online education, Of-CourseOnline.com. 

Pilates Unlimited has seen the necessity to evolve, become more educated, incorporate new methods with scientific-based information and deliver a technique that will keep YOU coming back for more. We have taken functional, safe ,dynamic and result based exercise to the next level.


Meet the team


 I am the owner and founder of Pilates Unlimited. I have been in the wellness industry since 1998. My company has over 180 000...

Founder and CEO 

Tanya Thompson


I was introduced to Pilates Unlimited at the end of 2015 by Kelly, a previous instructor. I then decided to do the course...


mary kruger


Growing up as a dancer I always loved the way the body moves and what it could do, I never even thought to stop and think WHY it moves the...


Clarissa Naudé

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-25 at 14.09_edite

I moved to South Africa with my husband about fifteen years ago, from Argentina, my home country. I studied foreign languages and teaching...


Paola Santamarina


I’ve been an instructor since 2008, at Pilates Unlimited since 2009 and still loving it, in actual fact I’m enjoying it more...

Head Instructor and Studio Manager

Lameez Kourie

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I have been an instructor at Pilates Unlimited since September 2015. I completed the mat and equipment courses offered by the...


Sarah Adendorff


After having an extended period of training through the harder styles of fitness such as CrossFit, Calisthenics and Functional Training...


Bradley Openshaw

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I started working at Pilates Unlimited In August 2017 as a lost soul behind a big desk - now I don't have enough space. I knew nothing about...

Not an Instructor

Tarryn Keightley

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