Valdi Swart

Head Instructor/ Course Facilitator

Since 2006, I have been working as a freelance book editor and translator. However, I have always had a keen interest in healthy living, natural medicine and Pilates, as this is the only form of exercise that does not hurt my joints. In 2017, I decided to break away from my kyphotic life in front of the computer and to do the instructors course at Pilates Unlimited. This proved to be the beginning of an incredible journey. For the past year, I have been teaching mat classes and I am loving it! In October 2018, I joined the team of instructors at Pilates Unlimited; thus beginning phase 2 of my new journey, namely rehab. I love people and love helping people; therefore I find my new career extremely fulfilling. Pilates has had such a positive impact on my own life and health, that I cannot help but brim over with excitement about the possibilities it holds for others!

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