Studio Policy & Procedures

You cannot start exercising without first doing a body assessment. 

Your first session that you will attend will be a body assessment. This session is 1 hour long and in this session your instructor will be assessing the following: 

  • Your postural alignment

  • Your ability to isolate in muscle groups without compensating (cheating)

  • Your ability to activate your core

  • Your understanding of joint movements

  • Your mind body connection

  • Your ability to breathe efficiently

  • Your ability to disassociate in joints

  • Your ability to move freely in your shoulder joint without tension

  • The stability of your shoulder, hips, knees & spine

  • Your weaker, stronger, flexible and inflexible muscle groups

During this assessment, the instructor will also gather information from you regarding past injuries, any aches or pains, your exercise history and what goals you would like to achieve. A file will then be opened for you that will contain all of your information including your exercise sheet that your instructor completes after every session that you attend. This allows us to offer a professional service as we are able to keep track of your progress and refer back to previous sessions to ensure that we are meeting your and our goals.

We do not accept drop ins as an assessment needs to be done first. 

If you would like to join a mat class, please book in advance.

The capacity for a mat class is 12 individuals.

All clients need to advise on any pain, injuries, pathologies and pregnancy. To not do so, could cause further pain and incorrect exercise based on your body and could cause further injury and/or complications.

If this is not disclosed, we cannot take responsible for injuries caused by lack of disclosure.

We want to help you keep your body healthy.

If you have skeletal or muscular injuries, we need a report from your doctor/ physiotherapist/ biokinetiscist/ chiropractor/ MRI scan or X-rays. 

If you are pregnant, please get a letter from your doctor/OBGYN stating that it is safe for you to exercise.

Once you book with the instructor, these are permanent slots, unless otherwise stipulated.

If you are unable to make a session, please inform us well in advance as the instructor prepares the sessions based on your body assessment and your goals. All sessions are client specific.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel within 24 hours or do not arrive to your session, you are charged for the session.

All phones should be on silent or off when entering the studio as this disrupts the flow of the other sessions. 

You exercise in socks or barefoot

There are no contracts for exercise. 

All sessions are to be paid in advance. You will need to maintain a credit of at least 2 sessions.

If you have not paid for your sessions, you may not exercise.

If you agree to these conditions, then we welcome you.

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