Sarah Adendorff


I have been an instructor at Pilates Unlimited since September 2015. I completed the mat and equipment courses offered by the studio, and started working as an instructor with the hopes of learning more about anatomy, and to have the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment - with clients that have diverse conditions, injuries and goals.

I am passionate about anatomy and helping people. As a result, I decided to study Physiotherapy. I am currently completing my Physiotherapy degree at the University of Pretoria. The skills that I have learnt from my time at Pilates Unlimited, are skills that benefit me tremendously in my field of study. Teaching at this studio has given me great reassurance regarding my future career. I am a firm believer in holistic health and love Pilates because of the changes I have witnessed in my clients and in myself.



While working and studying is a challenge for some, I feel so privileged to learn more and more about the human body every day. I strive to use my knowledge in anatomy, bio-mechanics, exercise, injuries and treatment techniques to benefit every one of my clients and patients. I pride myself in innovative exercise, client specific training and classes that are different every single session. I am an optimistic, bubbly, energetic instructor that shares the excitement with my clients when they progress.

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