Exam Preparation

Preparation for exams:

Finally, it is THAT time, where all that you have learnt can converge into one and the finality of the qualification can be achieved. Please read through this carefully as it will assist you in preparing for your upcoming exams.


Student Exams Please note:

There is a charge of R350 for your first exam.

There is an additional charge of R 250 per section, should you need to redo any part of the exam. 

A successful exam is 70% per section.

Only 3 candidates at a time for Mat practical exams and 2 for Equipment practical exams.  

All theory exams are done online in your student portal

Mat course:


This will cover all theory notes that you have received as well as all anatomy and repertoire.

Any additional studying is always recommended. Please see https://www.pilatesunlimited.co.za/account/student-resources

If you do not pass theory 1, please do theory 2


Practical exams

Please dress neatly and look presentable - Remember, you will be exercising

Strictly NO JEANS

Remember to demonstrate with precision

You may get up and try movements during your oral exam.


Structure of exam

Body assessment: 60 min

Teaching: 30 min

Oral: 25 min (per 2 candidates)

Body Assessment:

You will give a client a full body assessment and record all results found. You will use the body assessment sheet provided. Please note that you will also be assessed on success, flow and enjoyment of assessment. It is important that the client would want to return.

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