Pregnancy Massage

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Pregnancy massage

Massage during pregnancy is very therapeutic which focuses on the special needs of the mother as her body goes through the changes of childbirth.

Why massage helps during pregnancy:

• Helps to remove waste product, which combats fatigue and gives mother energy
• Aids in circulation eases the extra pressure on the heart
• Relieves muscle discomfort, cramps, tightness, stiffness and tension
• Relieves depression and anxiety
• Helps with the normal discomforts of pregnancy like backache, water retention etc.
• Stimulates glandular secretions, that helps stabilize hormone levels
• Helps with muscle flexibility
• Soothing and relaxing, thus aiding sleep.
• Increases circulation improves the oxygen and nutrients taken to mother and fetus, improving nourishment to developing fetus, taking less from mother.




90min R600   60 Minutes R400   45 Minutes R340  30 Minutes R280  ​


Package of 4

90min R550   60 Minutes R370   45 Minutes R310   30 Minutes R250