Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for pregnant ladies as the classes are designed according to the trimester of the lady. Each class is designed with the ladies body type and pregnancy ailments in mind. The instructors have a comprehensive knowledge of training ladies during pregnancy and follow strict guidelines of safe training during pregnancy.
Each instructor has attended specialised courses for pregnancy and due to this we have her best interest at heart. There are a myriad of benefits of doing Pilates doing pregnancy i.e. stress release, educating the lady of the changes in her body, assisting her in maintaining strength to cope with many ailments, focusing on general health and reduced weight gain. 
Each session is 1 hour long and towards the end of the pregnancy, classes may be reduced to 30minutes each. A release form is needed from your gynaecologist and once we have this, you may train up until the final day of pregnancy.

Cape Town

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