Paola Santamarina


I moved to South Africa with my husband about fifteen years ago, from Argentina, my home country. I studied foreign languages and teaching back there. Since living in SA, I’ve been working in the office environment.

Exercising has been part of my life since a teenager, but it was only in 2007 that I attended my first yoga class, when a stronger connection and passion for balance and movement started growing in me. I got involved in yoga as a way of relieving back tension and stress, but found so much more. In 2016, as a personal challenge, I registered and finished my 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. At the beginning of 2018, my motivation and thirst for more led me to Pilates Unlimited, immersing myself in the Pilates world. I was specifically looking into deepening my knowledge in the field of anatomy and precision in movement and Pilates Unlimited was the perfect match. I have always suffered from back and knee problems, but this course gave me the tools to understand the why’s behind compensations and re-educated my movement habits to avoid them. I can sincerely say that the Pilates Instructor Training opened my eyes to a new perspective, not only having respect for one’s body but also working it intelligently- with precision and alignment to get the best results from any kind of movement produced. I feel so excited to  being part of this amazing team that has guided me all the way through this never-ending learning experience. I’m convinced that anyone can benefit from this form of exercise, especially because it attempts to work the body without compensation avoiding bad posture patterns that might result in injury. And that is my main goal when it comes to teaching clients: health and longevity…of course, without missing on the workout enjoyment and sparkle!!!


             BE HAPPY


             DO PILATES!

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