Manual Lymph Drainage

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MLD (Manual Lymph Drainage)

MLD is a specialized therapy that works to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system. Achieved by gentle, rhythmical movements on the skin that stimulate the contraction of the lymphatic vessels. The result: a great number of metabolic waste product and excess fluid is removed from the body’s tissue. A well-functioning lymph system contributes to healthy body tissue and is important in the body’s immune system response.

It’s beneficial for conditions such as fibromyalgia, sinusitis, certain allergies, congestion, puffiness of the face, post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as reducing the appearance of varicose and spider veins, rosacea, acne, wrinkles, headaches and arthritis pain.

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90min R600   60 Minutes R400   45 Minutes R340    ​


Package of 4

90min R550   60 Minutes R370   45 Minutes R310