Become a Pilates Instructor


The Pilates Unlimited Mat Course is Accredited with the South African Society of Physiotherapy (SASP). 
Physiotherapists, Biokineticists and Occupational Therapists can accumulate 30 CPD points when completing the course.

The Pilates Unlimited Mat Course is accredited with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). Its is also ACE approved.

Proudly accredited with

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The course will cover anatomy in movement, postures, movement principles, client-specific training, modifications, contraindications, basic to advanced Pilates repertoire, with the breakdown of each exercise, teaching technique and so much more. You will also receive two comprehensive manuals to take you through this journey and let's not forget, the amazing Pilates Unlimited Course presenters!

We are ready to bowl you over with loads of information that will assist you in either your existing practice or if you are wanting a new career!

The theory modules, repertoire and other practical course content are presented in the studio.

The course is presented with passion and the content is of the highest standard!

 You will become part of our Pilates Unlimited Family where you speak, eat, sleep and dream not only Pilates but
movement, balance, precision, postural chain reactions, relaxation and so much more.

You will get to experience first hand, the love we have for the anatomy of the human body and the ways in which it moves. 
Our passion is in educating people of all walks of life to better themselves as movement professionals.

 Prepare to be blown away with our Mat and Comprehensive Course!


You will receive 2 Beautiful manuals with the Mat course.


The exams consist of an online theory exam on our Pilates Unlimited Website on the Student Portal, for which you need 70% to pass. 
Once you have passed the online theory exam, you will then be able to book for your practical exam, done at our premises at a charge of R350.

New exam protocol will be in place soon.


The Practical exam consists of:

A practical demonstration of the repertoire
Practical teaching of repertoire
Teaching of a body assessment according to exam standards
Oral exam on body basics. 

The student portal has tips on how to prepare for this exam and the course presenters will give you all the needed information to pass your exams. 
All you have to do is study and practice your repertoire step by step and OBSERVE as much and often as you can at our studio.


Mat course:   40 Teaching hours, 40 Exercise hours, 40 Observation hours

Equipment course:  40 Teaching hours, 80 Exercise hours,  80 Observation hours